The WNFA Leaders League is a club football tournament organised yearly by the WNFA since 2002. The current edition is the 2016-17 WNFA Leaders League.


The Leaders League was created in 2002 in order to give wikinational clubs the chance to play each other, as the nations had already been doing this in the World Football Championship. The first tournament was held during the 2002-03 season. A predecessor was the Champions Cup, played between the Libertan and Brunanter league champions in the 1960s.

Champions and runners-upEdit

St. Marks Koningstad (Brunant) has won the tournament a record four times, with Grijzestad Strijders (Brunant) winning it the 2nd most times, with three wins.

Season Champion Runner-up
2002-03 Kemburg Battery FC Brunant FC Drenthe
2003-04 Brunant Grijzestad Strijders Libertas FC Contra United
2004-05 Lovia Newhaven Rockets Traspes Cerques CF
2005-06 Brunant St. Marks Koningstad Kemburg North Beach Kemburg
2006-07 Libertas FC Skeend Kemburg North Beach Kemburg
2007-08 Brunant St. Marks Koningstad Brunant FC Drenthe
2008-09 Kemburg Tattington Road F.C. Brunant Grijzestad Strijders
2009-10 Brunant St. Marks Koningstad Lovia Bay Hawks
2010-11 Brunant Grijzestad Strijders Adlibita FC Rapid
2011-12 Traspes Atlético Alcacer Brunant Mediterranean FC
2012-13 Brunant Grijzestad Strijders Libertas FC Skeend
2013-14 Brunant St. Marks Koningstad Kemburg Kemburg City FC
2014-15 Traspes Atlético Alcacer Brunant Dortmund SFC
2015-16 Libertas FC Molenbeek Southern Arc Islands FC Liedho

Top scorersEdit

Player Country Goals Apps Ratio Years Clubs
1 Simon Versten BRT 29 44 0.66 '02-'08 Kemburg City F.C.
2 Oliver Jordans BRT 28 35 0.80 '03-'10 Grijzestad Strijders, St. Marks Koningstad
3 Felix Brunner BRT 24 33 0.73 '02– FC Drenthe, St. Marks Koningstad
4 Marc Le Tissey KEM 24 47 0.51 '02-'12 Tattington Road, Grijzestad Strijders
5 Ahmed Al-Zarir TRA 20 36 0.55 '05- Real Alcacer, Primavera CF, Atlético Alcacer, FC Donderar
6 Mario Hoever BRT 19 26 0.73 '08- St. Marks Koningstad
7 Patrick Gras TRA 18 23 0.78 '08- Cerques CF, Kemburg City F.C., FC Donderar
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